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Tolly Trade: Biggest Disaster of The Year

Tolly Trade: Biggest Disaster of The Year

Tollywood has scored many blockbusters this year, but there are so many films that have ended up as box office duds.

Films like Mister and Om Namo Venkatasaya left the buyers in shatters. Now there is a bigger disaster than these films in Nakshatram.

Krishna Vamsi’s ambitious cop drama ended up as one of the biggest flops in the history of Telugu cinema.

It is the biggest flop of the year in terms of return on investment. The producers have reportedly spent around Rs. 25 crore on the film and it has managed to collect a disastrous Rs. 4 crore share from its theatricals.

The film was on the sets for many days, which was the reason for high expenditure despite many actors doing it for free.

The film was stalled mid way when the producer ran out of finances. Then Krishna Vamsi invested his own money into it to see that Nakshatram makes it to the theaters. As there were no takers, they had to release the film on their own risk.

The film is so bad that no one is interested in bagging the satellite and digital rights in spite of notable star cast. 



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