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Title Hurdles For Young Heroes

Title Hurdles For Young Heroes

Title makes or breaks the first impression as far as a film is concerned. Of late, there have been instances where small heroes have had 'not so interesting' titles and their films too failed at the box office.

For example, Naga Shourya had a release titled Jaadugaadu. Now, Raj Tarun’s film is called Cinema Choopista Maava.

A couple of other small heroes too had titles that were not exactly appealing. And once the titles are out, half of the limited audience such films have are backing off from going to theatres. 

In the past, titles like Oohalu Gusagusalaade for Naga Shourya and Uyyala Jampala for Raj Tarun worked in favour of their films.

Back then, people looked them as class films and the audiences too marked them as class heroes. However, once they shifted to mass titles, audience too stopped going to theatres.

Well, one can’t blame them as there are already many heroes to fill the ‘mass’ slot in Telugu and these young heroes must ensure that they have a special slot.

At least now, these heroes must take a look at the way their career is going and plan it as per audiences’ expectations.



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