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Title Confusion for Mahesh Movie Continues

The movie in the combination of Mahesh Babu and director Murugadoss is in its final leg of shoot. Still the movie's title and first look are yet to be released.

We reported earlier that "Sambhavami" is the title the producers registered at Film Chamber of commerce.

But both Murugadoss and Mahesh Babu fans are not interested in this title for various reasons. Murugudoss believes this title may not go well with the Tamil audiences as it sounds like a title for "dubbed movie".

On the other hand, Mahesh Babu's fans have complained to the star that the title doesn’t go well with mass audiences as it has more of class title. They have suggested him to select titles like "Mr. Shiva", "Agent Shiva" as per the story's theme. They would sound catchy.

In Tamilnadu, English titles like Mr and Agent are not allowed for tax-exemption. Murugadoss wants all three versions - Telugu, Tamil and Hindi- should have same title. This is why "Sambhavami" or "Sambhavmi Yugey Yugey" are being preferred.

The other day, producer PVP Cinema in his speech at "Winner" function wished producer Tagore Madhu a great success and revealed the title of Mahesh Babu's movie.

"I wish Tagore Madhu a great success this year as he is producing Winner, Mister and Sambhavami Yugey Yugey," he said. Thus he revealed the title.

But the production house's PRO sent message to the media houses that this title is not yet officially confirmed. So, the confusion about Mahesh Babu's title is continuing. Meanwhile, the movie's teaser is currently being readied. The teaser's graphics alone cost the producer a whopping Rs 30 Lakh.



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