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Timing Matters: Star Khan Hosts Party In Dubai

Aamir Khan might keep a low profile through out. But when his film is ready for release, one gets to see a totally different side of Aamir Khan.

He goes all out to meet people, attends all the press conferences and promotional meets lined up and even talks about the film over and over again. This is also the time when he is seen happy and mingling with all kinds of people.

So, the uptight Khan is now making news by sending out invites to the who’s who of Dubai for a party he is hosting.

Well, unlike the other two Khans in the industry, Aamir is not known to frequent the desert kingdom often.

But this time, he has surprised even his close aides by deciding to throw a party on his name. And as expected, the invite is very clear about the dos and don’ts at the do.

It reads, ‘Unlike other Khans, Aamir is never late, so please be right on time, otherwise the gates will close’.

Now, we wonder if that is meant to praise Aamir for his punctuality or pull the other Khans down by reminding the world that they are always late.

Okay, we are sure, the organizers have no plans to invite the ‘other Khans’ though.



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