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Three Languages, Rs 2 Crores

Unlike yesteryear actresses who were very bad at making money, the girls these days are pretty clear that one has to make hay when the sun shines.

They are also well-aware of their market range and the range of the industry they are working in, so they demand remuneration looking at all these factors.

Apparently, producer Thyagarajan approached Nithya Menon for the south Indian remake of Bollywood hit Queen.

The unit had been on a lookout for a heroine who was well recognized in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. Naturally, they narrowed down on Nithya. Since she knows the market, Nithya apparently asked for Rs 2 crores for all three languages put together.

Last heard, the producer is yet to recover from his shock. But Nithya is least bothered as she feels she is doing the producer a huge favour by agreeing to do the film for Rs 2 crores as she gets Rs 1 crore per film.

Well, from her perspective, she has given the producer a huge discount of Rs 1 crore.



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