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This Week's Trade Talk: Rudramadevi Makes Good Collections

Audiences had high expectations from Rudramadevi. And the film did make very good collections in the first three days, on par with big blockbusters.

Since it has been made in 3D, the film managed to get audiences to the theatres and more shows have also been planned in multi-plexes since its release.

Had Gunasekhar put in some more efforts as far as the story is concerned, it would have surely become a blockbuster.

Shivam was out of theatres within two weeks. Again, Vijay's Puli had very good openings, though it could not sustain them later.

This week saw the release of Ram Charan's Bruce Lee. The film opened amidst very high expectations, but it had not-so-good talk on the very first day. Now, it remains to be seen how far Charan will pull the film.



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