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This Is Bigger Flop Than Pawan Kalyan's Film!

This Is Bigger Flop Than Pawan Kalyan's Film!

Megastar’s nephew Sai Dharam Tej who has been suffering from a series of super flops couldn’t put an end to it with his latest film too.

Intelligent that was released on Friday is all set to become one of the worst flops in the history of Telugu cinema in terms of return on investment.

Intelligent theatrical rights were sold for Rs. 27 crore owing to Vinayak’s credibility and track record.

Buyers believed in the project in spite of Tej’s poor run of late as it had bankable Vinayak at the helm. But the mega director has let them down with a disastrous film that is unbearable to sit through.

Poor publicity and marketing didn’t allow the film to get off to a decent start and the disastrous word of mouth is already showing its effect.

Second and third day performance of Intelligent is horrendous that the buyers are staring at 75% losses, say trade sources. Tholi Prema releasing on its second day didn’t let Intelligent to survive at least until first weekend.

Intelligent will end up as a bigger flop than Agnyaathavaasi according to the return on investment.

Buyers of Agnyaathavaasi lost somewhere between 50 to 60% of their investment. Now Power star’s nephew has delivered an even powerful flop than the epic disaster.



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