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This Director Gets More Than Shankar

The remunerations that some top directors and top actors are rather shocking. Till now, Shankar holds the record for charging Rs 20 crore per film.

Now, Prabhu Deva has broken his record. News from Bollywood is that Prabhu Deva is charging a whopping Rs 25 crore per film.

It is a known fact that Prabhu Deva has been getting hit after hit by remaking successful Telugu films. One major difference between Shankar and Prabhu Deva is that Shankar makes a Tamil film and then dubs it into other languages, whereas Prabhu Deva makes films in Hindi.

In fact, the Hindi audiences are loving Prabhu Deva style romantic scenes and songs.

Closer home, some industry insiders are gossiping that his break-up with Nayantara worked in favour of Prabhu Deva as he could make his mark in Bollywood.

Well, Prabhu Deva has become a hit with Hindi audience. Also, his behaviour has helped him go places up north.



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