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'They Feel Proud,' Balakrishna About Slapping His Fans

Balakrishna is not apologetic about slapping his fans during public gatherings. Instead he says that his fans will feel proud of being ‘touched’ by him.

“Fans don’t feel bad about it. If one person says that Balayya has scolded me, other one would proudly say that he slapped me. They feel happy that I touched them,” Balakrishna said.

“I don’t beat them for fun. I only beat anybody when they provoke me or do some mistake. Media doesn’t know the equation I share with my fans. They write so much about it. They try to make a big scene out of it,” he stated.

“Did that incident show any impact on Nandyal by-polls? Did it have any effect on the result? Fans don’t take these things seriously. Anybody is an outsider between me and my fans,” Balakrishna told.

Interestingly, Puri Jagan said the same at the audio launch event of Paisa Vasool. Looks like Balakrishna seriously believes that fans will be pleased to be slapped or hit by him.

What is your take on Balakrishna’s feeling about slapping and pushing his fans at public gatherings? Leave a comment in the section below.



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