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The Vision Of Bharat: It's Blockbuster Stuff!

The Vision Of Bharat: It's Blockbuster Stuff!

The most awaited teaser of the season is finally here. Teaser of Mahesh Babu’s Bharat Ane Nenu looks more than promising and has blockbuster written all over it.

Like all Koratala Siva’s teasers, BAN also gives clear ‘vision’ of what to expect from it.

It is about a man who keeps his promise no matter how tough the circumstances are.

Bharat Ram knows it is not going to be easy when he takes oath as the Chief Minister. And like always he keeps his promise against all odds.

Mahesh looks dashing as the Chief Minister and his voice reverberates as he mouths those simple yet strikingly powerful lines penned by Koratala Siva.

The stamp of Koratala is all over the teaser as it looks grim, tense and very captivating.

Devi Sri Prasad keeps the music minimal and let Bharat do the ‘talking’. Although it is a political drama, Koratala Siva gives a clear hint that it is packed with action.

Fans will have sleepless nights until they see Bharat taking charge on April 20.    



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