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The Ugly Truth Behind Vijay Amala Paul Divorce

The Ugly Truth Behind Vijay Amala Paul Divorce

Separation is the only truth, rest everything is wrong information said director Vijay. From past couple of weeks, news about his and his wife Amala Paul’s divorce news is hogging all space in the media.

Vijay has maintained a stoic silence in this matter. But now he has come out in open about this issue. Most of the accusations that he is facing is untrue says the director.

He said that only he knows the right reasons for all these developments. In order to respect his and his family’s privacy he did not discuss it or speak about it.

But a section of the media went on to say that Amala Paul trying to regain her foot in acting caused all the disharmony. Vijay defended himself telling that he respects women and in films too women are shown with utmost respect. He has supported Amala always in this decision.

So then what led to this divorce? "The base for any marital relationship is honesty and trust,when that is breached the very existence of committed relationship becomes meaningless," he said giving hints to read between the lines.

One can’t help but wonder what Amala is upto. Vijay for one never thought that his marriage will end. But the fact stays that it is all over.  With that said Vijay has clarified his stance. 

Over to Amala Paul...



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