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The Biggest Flop Director Ever!

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma’s hopes to get back on track with third installment of Sarkar have been shattered.

Sarkar 3 tanked at the box office and ended up as a disaster. It is yet another addition to the unending list of flops of the director who has made some of the best movies ever in Indian cinema history.

As per, only a handful of films of Ram Gopal Varma’s Bollywood films were successful.

According to the website report, Ram Gopal Varma’s hit films also did well in Mumbai and South India, but never appealed to North Indian markets.

Although Varma used to deliver hits at the beginning of his career, his track record in the last decade or so has been dismal that he is labeled as the biggest flop director ever by the boxofficeindia website.

Below is the list of movies made by Ram Gopal Varma in Hindi and their box office result as per

1. Shiva (Semi Hit) (Over 50% business in Mumbai, flop in many circuits)
2. Raat (Flop)
3. Drohi (Disaster)
4. Rangeela (Blockbuster) - This status due to huge business in Mumbai and South but was still avaerge to poor in other circuts)
5. Daud (Flop)
6. Satya (Hit) (65% business in Mumbai circuit, the film grossed over 9 crore nett in Mumbai but could not even do 2 crore nett in Delhi /UP)
7. Kaun? (Below Average)
8. Mast (Flop)
9. Jungle (Average)
10. Company (Average)
11. Bhoot (Hit) (46% business in Mumbai circuit, poor many circuits)
12. Naach (Disaster)
13. Sarkar (Semi Hit) (49% business in Mumbai circuit, flop in many circuits)
14. Shiva 2006 (Disaster)
15. Nishabd (Flop)
16. Ram Gopal Verma Ki Aag (Disaster)
17. Darling (Disaster)
18. Sarkar Raj (Below Average)
19. Contract (Flop)
20. Phoonk (Hit) (45% business in Mumbai circuit)
21. Agyaat (Flop)
22. Rann (Disaster)
23. Rakht Charitra 1 (Flop)
24. Rakht Charitra 2 (Disaster)
25. Not A Love Story (Flop)
26. Department (Disaster)
27. Bhoot Returns (Flop)
28. The Attacks Of 26/11 (Flop)
29. Satya 2 (Disaster)
30. Veerapan (Disaster)
31. Sarkar 3 (Disaster)



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