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Telugu Distributors Anxious Over 2.0 Release

Telugu Distributors Anxious Over 2.0 Release

With contradictory reports coming from Chennai about the release date of Rajinikanth's magnum opus "2.0", Narayan Das Narang of Asian Cinemas is under pressure.

He bought the Telugu version's theatrical rights for a whopping Rs 81 cr and paid a handsome advance to the production house Lyca.

It has already been reported through media that the film's release might happen in April 2018 owing to the delay in completing 3D graphic work.

Even Rajinikanth gave a vague answer when asked about the movie's release. "2.0 would release before Kaala (Rajinikanth's other movie)," he replied, without giving any particular date. 

This has put all the distributors under stress. More worried are Narayana Das Narang and Sunil Narang of Asian Cinemas who bought the theatrical rights for AP and Telangana.

With increased pressure from distributors, Lyca production house is giving out stories through media that the release date will not be delayed.

Fresh reports suggest that "2.0" will hit the screens on January 25, 2018, as announced earlier. But these reports are from the media persons and no official statement has been made by the production house. 

Of late, Tamil movie industry biggies are keeping everyone guessing without sticking to one particular date.

While Bollywood and Tollywood movies are planned well in advance, Tamil producers constantly change the dates.



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