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Telangana TDP wants Brahmani to lead!

Telangana TDP wants Brahmani to lead!

Following the exit of Kodangal MLA A Revanth Reddy and a few other leaders from Telugu Desam Party in the last one week, party president N Chandrababu Naidu himself had to enter the scene to set the house right.

After a long time, Naidu came to NTR Trust Bhavan in Hyderabad on Thursday and gave a lengthy lecture to the beleaguered Telagnana TDP leaders.

He said crises were not new to the TDP and whenever it had faced troubles, it rose like a phoenix every time.

“TDP will remain as long as the Telugu culture remains. There is nothing to worry. We shall fight together and strive to bring the party to power in Telangana as well,” Naidu told them.

Interestingly, several Telangana leaders wanted Naidu to bring his daughter in law Nara Brahmani into politics and lead the party in Telangana.

“She has the ability and power to lead the party and she will give a new inspiration to all of us. Please consider our request,” they told Naidu.

However, it is unlikely that Brahmani will agree to come into active politics. She is focussing on expanding on her business and she made it very clear that she understands her role in the family.

So, the TDP leaders in Telangana will have to look for somebody else to lead the party!



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