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Taapsee Joins 'Live-In Relationship' Club

Recently, Nithya Menon surprised everyone by speaking out in favor of live-in relationships.

“What’s wrong in i?” questioned Nithya. Now she played the role of a girl in a live-in relationship in her latest flick ‘Ok Bangaram’. So, she might have said that to promote her film.

But Taapsee Pannu has also come out in support of such relationships now.

“I think it makes sense. Two people can live together as long as they are fond of each other and then go their separate ways once the magic is over. Why get married and then quarrel for the rest of your life” says Taapsee.

These heroines will do well to remember Rajnikanth’s dialogue in the movie ‘Baba’. ‘Aadadi gadapa daatithe chedipothundi, mogadu gadapa dataka pothe chedipothadu.’



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