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Swati is Old School, Samantha Is More Trendy?

It’s been quite a few years since Ashta Chemma released, but the scar it left on many people is still fresh.

Of course, they did not intentionally hurt the sentiments of people by naming a particular caste or religion, but they did make a name sound ‘not-so-cool’.

Well, Ram Babu was a common name among Telugu households in the past. In Ashta Chemma, the heroine Colours Swati has a dialogue – ‘Look at your name Rambabu… it feels as if you are begging calling out babu, babu….’ Colours Swati says she still meets people who were hurt by this dialogue, though the film-makers did not mean to hurt anyone in particular.

“Actually, I felt the same when I said the dialogue for the film. I thought how would Ram Babus of the world feel about this? In fact, there was a unit boy whose name was Ram Babu. I wondered how he felt about this dialogue even then. But since I had to go by the script, I couldn’t do much about it. Had the hero had some queer name like Pentaiah, Pitchaiah or Pullaiah, it wouldn’t have created such a problem. In the past, there was a movie titled Sambarala Rambabu which was huge hit. I am sure all those who had that name would have hated me after hearing my dialogue. I am still embarrassed by it,” confesses Swati.

Well, if someone told her that her name Swati sounds so outdated when compared to Samantha, wouldn’t she feel bad?



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