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Surprising Move - Successful Film Available Online!

Tamil actor Vishal who used to have a solid market in Telugu during Pandem Kodi time has been struggling of late to find audience in Telugu states. His recent release Thupparivaalan received lot of acclaim from Tamil critics.

Director Mysskin’s crime/mystery thriller won rave reviews from social media users too. However, the film was badly hit by online piracy that has hampered its box office prospects.

Vishal has plans to release the movie in Telugu. It was dubbed into Telugu as Detective, but somehow didn’t make it to theaters as yet.

Here comes a surprising move from its makers as they released Thupparivaalan officially online through Amazon Prime.

With so much buzz around it, Thupparivaalan is receiving stunning response from Amazon users. Most of the Telugu film lovers that have been waiting for the dubbed version release are watching the original now on Amazon with English subtitles.

Wonder if the makers still has plans to release it in Telugu or not. 



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