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Suriya Didn't Back Off For Ram Charan

Suriya who shares special bond with Chiranjeevi family expressed his inability to postpone his movie 'S 3' and turned down the suggestion made by Allu Aravind and his gang. 

Due to demonetization effect, Allu Aravind has decided to release 'Dhruva' a bit late and locked the date as 9th December.

Before deciding this date, Allu Aravind called Suriya whether he can postpone his big movie 'S3' to later week but he reportedly said he cannot do that.

His producers have given commitment to all overseas distributors that the movie would be releasing on 16th and he has also other issues in Tamilnadu. So he reportedly said he cannot postpone his 'S3' in the last minute. So Both Ram Charan and Suriya's movies are going to hit the screens in a week's gap.

Since 'Dhruva' is remake of a Tamil movie, Ram Charan's film won't be having a release in Tamilnadu. But Suriya's film will have wide release in Telugu states as its dubbed version is having good pre-release biz.



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