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Superstar Wants To Do Something 'More'

If one star can match up to Amitabh Bachchan in Indian cinema, then it is surely Rajinikanth. Well, his fans shed blood for him and they even get their heads shaved off prior to his films.

And Baahubali has broken the records set by Rajinikanth’s Robo and while Rajinikanth has conveyed his best wishes to the entire team of Baahubali, it is said that he now wants to do something more to set a new record in south India.

Naturally, when it comes to south India, it is a given that all records are set by ‘Thalaiva’.

There is also talk that Shankar is also on the task of setting new records along with Rajinikanth. So the duo is planning to make Robo 2 and have the world watching them in wonder reveals a Tamil industry insider.

For now Baahubali has set sky-high records, but it will be surely worth the wait to see the wonder that the combination of Shankar and Rajinikanth will unleash.



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