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Sunil To Go Shirtless Again Despite Criticism

Comedian turned hero Sunil has received flak for his over inclination towards action cinema. Sunil has been desperate to earn the image of an action hero, but audiences refuse to forget his stint as a comedian. They are still expecting comedy out of Sunil and the actor wants to establish himself as an action star.

Sunil has been working out hard to keep his six pack abs intact ever since he has first flaunted them in the film Poola Rangadu.

He has gone shirtless in Mr. Pelli Koduku and the recently released Krishnashtami too. In spite of being panned by the critics, Sunil is at it again. He is going to flaunt his six pack abs again in his upcoming film Jakkanna.

Looks like Sunil is hell bent on making the audience accept him as an action hero. He is willing to go down again and again until he reaches his goal. Can he win the audiences hearts as Jakkanna or not?



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