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Sunil Got Tough Competition From Saptagiri

Sunil Got Tough Competition From Saptagiri

Comedian Sunil's major strength as hero is his dances. He is extremely good at dance steps and comes close to the talents of Allu Arjun and NTR though he doesn't have the grace like them.

But now he will be facing tough competition from comedian Saptagiri who has turned hero now in ‘Saptagiri Express’.

Sunil has been priding himself that unlike other comedians he can dance, do fights like regular hero. So he is cut above the rest of the comedians, he claimed. But Saptagiri took the lid off from him.

In the latest trailer of ‘”Saptagiri Express”, the young comedian not only showed his comic talent but also used plenty of space to exhibit his dancing skills.

Video: Watch Saptagiri Express Trailer

The final portion of the theatrical trailer is completely focused how good he can be as hero with dance steps and mannerisms.

Sunil has already been struggling as hero as his recent movies didn’t become decent hits. So far, he has advantage as comedian-hero as other comedians cannot do dances, fights, or heroic acts like he does. But now Saptagiri is coming to his place and challenging him. So going forward, Sunil will be facing even tough competition. 

Sunil is currently acting in Kranthi Madhav’s “Ungurala Rambabu” and N Shankar’s “Two States” and these two movies will decide Sunil’s fate as hero.



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