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Sukumar's Darsakudu Trailer Is Entertaining

Sukumar Writings was launched with a bold film like Kumari 21 F that went on to become one of the biggest hits among small budget movies. Now Sukumar is offering yet another interesting film on his banner.

This time it is the story of a wannabe film director who falls in love with an outspoken girl.

Sukumar’s brother’s son Ashok Bandreddy is making debut as an actor and Eesha Rebba plays the female lead. It is written and directed by Jakka Hari Prasad.

The trailer of Darsakudu is very entertaining and seems promising. With Sukumar’s brand tagged to it, Darsakudu is sure to grab the attention of youngsters and the cleverly cut trailer will bring in other sections of audiences too.

Teaser of Darsakudu made an impression that it is yet another youthful film like Kumari 21 F, but the trailer is neat and clean sans any titillating stuff. 



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