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Star Wives Behind Promotions And Planning!

Star wives of three big heroes in Tollywood have jumped into the planning of their husbands' careers.

Namrata Mahesh, Sneha Allu, Upasana Konidela have now completely taken the business affairs of their respective husbands.

Namrata, the force behind Mahesh Babu

That Namrata has been involving in Mahesh Babu's career is known to everyone. Earlier she was involved in dealing with corporate companies for the brand ambassador contracts with Mahesh Babu. Her effective dealing has made him the number one celebrity brand ambassador in South India. He is earning crores of money from these.

Now, she is involving in promotions of his movies. From "Srimanthudu", she took the total charge of publicity of his movies by closely dealing with movie PRO, social media team and production team.

She single-handedly planned the promotions of "Srimanthudu" by pulling full-page interviews in leading Telugu dailies - "Eenadu", "Sakshi" and "Namasthe Telangana".

In the case of "Brahmotsavam", she has been involving in production and promotion right from the beginning of its regular shoot. She has planned 360 degree promotions for the movie.

Sneha Takes The Charge

Earlier Allu Arjun used to rely on his friend and manager Bunny Vasu. But recently, it was Sneha, his wife, who is taking care of all the planning for her husband.

She believes that her husband has become one of the top stars in South India and he should be treated in that way. Hence Sneha has cut down the involvement of Bunny Vasu and other staff. She is guiding them, a source said.

Sneha's inputs for "Sarrainodu" have paid off well, Bunny feels. This is the first film that she took care of her husband's affairs.

Upasana Wants Charan To Be A National Star

On the other hand, Upasana has hired a battalion of team for the handling of PR and promotional activities of Ram Charan.

Unlike Sneha and Namrata, Upasana is big business woman on her own. So she doesn't have time to completely work herself on her husband's career. Hence she has recruited a team from Mumbai to handle this. Recently she reportedly hired a English journalist to handle the press.

Upasana wants her husband become a big national star than sticking to regional films. So she is reportedly using all her corporate contacts to bring in another big offer from Bollywood.



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