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Star On Self-Promoting Spree

There's no help like self-help, or so believes Shahid Kapur. The actor, who front-lined the beleaguered and delayed ‘Padmavati’, is all set on a promotion frenzy.

When he realised his co-star Ranveer Singh was being excessively promoted by Singh’s PR company, he sacked his own for not doing a good enough job.

Now, we hear the gifted star is taking things into his own hands. Apparently, Kapur has been calling up TV channels on his own and offering his appearances on their chat shows and reality programmes.

Sure, most stars resort to this sort of publicity when they have a film to promote. But Shahid probably feels why waste time when you can play catch up.

The unfortunate thing is that ‘Padmavati’ has enjoyed more than the share of news it bargained for, all that’s waited for is a release date.



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