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Sridevi's real-life romance as dramatic as reel twists

Sridevi's real-life romance as dramatic as reel twists

The legendary diva of Indian cinema, Sridevi, won millions of hearts playing the perfect romantic heroine on screen.

With her charming beauty and lovely eyes, she ‘romanced’ almost all leading men of both South Indian industry and Bollywood.

However, Sridevi’s real life romances were not as rosy as her on-screen love.

She had been in stormy relationships and her love life often found a place in the tabloids during those days.

Sridevi had secretly married superstar Mithun Chakravarthy, who was not ready to acknowledge their marriage in public.

This distressed the actress greatly and during this troubled times she found comfort in the close friendship she shared with producer Boney Kapoor.

The Mr. India actress found her dream lover in Boney Kapoor, who was already married to Mona Shourie at that time.

With Mithun Chakravarthy, Sridevi struggled to feel a sense of security and love, but in Boney Kapoor she found her ideal partner.

Sridevi was slammed for being in a relationship with a married man and was seen as a home breaker. But the two tied the knot in 1996, brushing aside all controversies and criticisms.

Boney Kapoor had admitted that he felt great admiration for the beautiful actress after watching her in a Tamil movie in 1970. Since then he wished to work along with her, at least in a movie.

Boney had even reached one of her shooting sites to talk about a project but Sridevi was too introvert a person to even talk to strangers.

She informed him in her broken Hindi and English that her mother was her manager who looked after her dates.

Boney met Sridevi’s mother who demanded rupees ten lakh as remuneration to act in his movie. The producer who was looking for a chance to get closer to the actress offered rupees eleven lakh and Sridevi’s mother readily agreed. Thus began a beautiful friendship between a film producer and his leading lady.

Realizing that Sridevi had a relationship with Mithun Chakravarthy at that time Boney Kapoor decided to move on and married Mona Shourie, whom his parents had found for him.

Though Mithun Chakravarthy and Sridevi discreetly married each other, Mithun had still not divorced his first wife Yogeetha Bali. Besides, the actor refused to acknowledge their relationship in public. This pained Sridevi greatly and was on the verge of a nervous breakdown when she found solace in the comforting friendship of Boney Kapoor.

The fact that Boney had helped her mother settle a few debts too brought them closer to each other.

Boney Kapoor’s wife Mona Shourie was aware about her husband’s growing closeness to the actress. The news about Sridevi’s pregnancy came as a great shock to Mona who left him forever.

Mona Shourie had later said that it was her parents and sister who stood as her greatest pillars of support during those tumultuous times. She had since then lived with her kids Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor.

However, Mona’s mother was not ready to forgive Sridevi whom she believed was responsible for destroying her daughter’s marriage.

Many witnesses claim that Mona’s mother even tried to physically assault a pregnant Sridevi once in public. Mona Shourie, mother of young star Arjun Kapoor died in 2012 succumbing to cancer.

Sridevi and Boney Kapoor got married in 1996 after years of courtship. Sridevi had once told that it took some time for her realize that Boney was the man of her dreams. She added that she would have married him earlier had she realized his love for her.

Sridevi got married to Boney Kapoor when she was basking in glory as Indian cinema’s first lady super star. At the height of her incredible career she quit movies to be a loving wife to Boney and a caring mother to Janhvi and Khushi.

After a hiatus of almost 15 years, Sridevi made a comeback into the movies with English Vinglish in 2012 and later starred in Mom, which was the legendary actor’s 300th movie.

The veteran actress bid adieu to the world leaving behind a much cherished dream to watch her elder daughter Jhanvi Kapoor debut as a heroine.



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