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Sri Regrets Missing Out On Baahubali

Sridevi was asked to be a part of Baahubali, but she decided to stick to her intuition and did not accept the part.

Well, the film went on to be a huge commercial success and Sridevi feels that probably it was not right to be a part of a hit film.

That apart, Sridevi is now busy getting her daughter ready for stint in films. She has just had a release in Puli in Tamil and she played the part of a queen.

Now, she is looking forward to introduce her daughter in films and talk is that she has got a script ready for Jhanvi by Kona Venkat.

She has been flying into Hyderabad frequently and she has also been meeting producers and directors for the same.

Though there are allegations that she has become very demanding, Sridevi says that she is not taking a penny more than what she deserves.



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