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Sri Reddy Continuing Fight with PK Fans

Sri Reddy is still waging war against Pawan Kalyan fans. She is still writing something against Pawan Kalyan on her Facebook and Twitter and the star’s fans are trolling and abusing her online. Sri Reddy is now taking legal recourse against them.

Sri Reddy recently lodged complaint with police against some Pawan Kalyan fans saying that are making abusive calls to her phone.

She handed over the numbers of Pawan Kalyan fans who made calls to her and also gave Facebook id’s who trolled her. She doesn’t want to stop her fight against with Pawan Kalyan.

Sri Reddy lost her cause when she used swear words against Pawan Kalyan. But she is not tolerating the same abusive words used by the fan.

Interestingly, Sri Reddy has now made peace with Ram Gopal Varma though it was he who provoked her to use ‘M’ word against Pawan Kalyan. Now both have joined hands.



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