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SPYder Teaser Review: Exhilarating and Action Packed

SPYder Teaser Review: Exhilarating and Action Packed

Most awaited teaser of the season is here. Mahesh Babu’s upcoming actioner Spyder teaser raises expectations on the film to an all new level.

It is a typical Murugadoss kind of teaser with a villain creating problems to the society and the hero standing up against him.

Spyder is about bio terrorism and the hero’s fight against it. The teaser is action packed with lot of hero-elevating shots.

Murugadoss teases us by not revealing the villain (played by SJ Surya) completely. There is just a side view of the actor, who dubbed in his own voice for the Telugu version.

Last dialogue by Mahesh in the teaser is superb and makes us wait for the face-off of Mahesh-Suryah. Only thing that seems unexciting in the teaser is the heroine’s scenes.

Rakul looks like a typical dumb stereotype in it. Also the visual effects and cinematography aren’t so impressive for such a high budget film. BGM by Harris is spot on. 

On a whole, SPYder teaser has enough in it to make us wait for the release date.



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