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Spyder Budget Shoots Up Post Baahubali 2!

Mahesh Babu's upcoming action thriller is into last leg of production stage. Except for two songs, the filming will be complete by June 2.

One of the remaining songs will be shot in abroad and the other one will be shot in a specially erected set in Hyderabad studios.

Although the film’s shoot is close to completion stage, makers are yet to decide about the release date as they don’t want to compromise on the visual effects part.

As the makers are planning for pan India release they are aware of the fact that comparisons with Baahubali 2 are bound to happen. So they have upped the budget of VFX by Rs. 10 crore.

Makuta that worked on Baahubali have been assigned to the task of working on the visual effects of Spyder.

Now the budget of Spyder has gone up to Rs. 130 crore according to the reports. It is one of the costliest films ever to be made in South India. 



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