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Spyder Audio Review: Lost In Translation!

A superstar from one language teaming up with super director from another language to work on a bilingual can be tricky. You can listen to Spyder songs if you don’t agree with the above statement.

Spyder has Mahesh Babu, the superstar of Telugu states as the lead, but it is directed by Tamil star director Murugadoss and has music by Harris Jayaraj, also a Tamilian.

So the sound and feel of the songs of Spyder is mostly Tamil. It is pretty evident that the songs are composed by Harris Jayaraj and are recorded in Tamil before ‘translating’ the lyrics into Telugu.

Rama Jogayya Sastri’s songs are usually lyrically rich, but Spyder songs sound as if his words/expressions are ‘adjusted’ according to the tunes.

It is even obvious if we listen to the Spyder songs in Tamil. What Sastry did here is the translation job as the songs have heavy Tamil influence on them.

Boom Boom song lacked the verve that is expected out of a title song. The song is yet to grow on its listeners despite being out there for many weeks.

Haali Haali song is the only one that has mass appeal to it. Folk beats in the fast paced number along with the instantly catchy hook line ‘Haali Haali Haalibi’ should make it a hit with the masses. However, the song reminds us of Harris’s Randakka Randakka song from Aparichitudu. Singer Brijest Tripathi Sandilya deserves special mention for his energetic vocals.

Ceciliya Ceciliya will take some time to grow on the listeners, but it is one of the finest compositions in the album. There is an uncanny resemblance in the song’s stanzas to one of Harris’s compositions from the film Orange. Singers Hari Charan and Sakthi Sree did a fine job.

Acham Telugandam is the pick of the album. Harris is always at the best at doing fusion and this song is no exception. Choice of singers makes it all the more special. Pravin Saivi, Christopher Stanley and Satya Prakash are superb at rendering this beautiful composition.

On a whole, Spyder is definitely not a bad album from Harris and Murugadoss duo, but they should have recorded the songs in Telugu first as it is primarily a Telugu film.

Except for Haali Haali all other songs are westernized and classy, which may play a role in its box office performance.



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