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Silly Game between BAN and NPS makers

The makers of "Bharath Ane Nenu" and "Naa Peru Surya" are playing "press note" games. From the last few months they are sending press notes or social media updates about the release date of their movies.

If either of the movies announces one thing, another one shoots of a similar press note. Just two days ago, both the movie makers said they are releasing their movies on April 27. Now, both of them have released press statements saying the movies are hitting on 26 April instead of April 27.

As per the statement of producer Danayya, Mahesh Babu's "Bharath Ane Nenu" will be completing its entire shoot by March 27. "We are planning grand release on April 26," he said.

The makers of "Naa Peru Surya" have also posted on the social media that Allu Arjun's fans will have festival a day before than the original date. So it is releasing on 26 April.

It is evident that both Mahesh Babu and Allu Arjun's makers are playing mind games to see either of them bucks down to this pressure.



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