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Siddharth Takes To Production To Revive Career

There was a time when Siddharth was looked upon as a bankable hero. Right now, his market is dull, to put it simply and he hasn't been getting any offers of late in Tollywood.

Some time back, he moved back to Tamil industry where he started out and things were good during the initial days.

He had films and he had a huge hit in films like Jigarthanda. But once again, Siddharth is going through a rough patch.

Four of his films became flops and directors and producers who supported him in Tamil have backed off. Also, it is said that he has been getting inconsequential roles and it is said that he is being offered roles in women-oriented horror thrillers.

So, he is left with no choice and talk is that he has taken to reviving his own career. In Telugu too, when his career hit rock bottom, he made films like Love Failure and then got a new lease of life in Tamil. Now, he is producing another film now say Tamil industry insiders.

And he is said to be taking the help of friends like Trisha and Hansika to promote the film.

That's the sad reality for lover boys. After a point, the audiences don't see them in other characters.



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