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Shruthi Haasan To Bid Adieu To Telugu Films?

Some people are not content with what they get, but run after mirages. They do not acknowledge the value they are being given now, but crave for something else that is not available to them; and in the process, they remain dissatisfied for ever.

Perhaps, Sruthi Haasan belongs to this category of people. She has been in great demand in Tollywood with top heroes preferring her as their heroine, as she has beauty and talent. But, Shruthi is now rejecting offers in Telugu films. Apparently, she is not content with the support she is getting in Tollywood, as she has eyes on Bollywood.

This is not something she is feeling now. Right from the day one of her career, Shruthi has been focussing only on Bollywood, though she has not got any identity there.

She did quite a few Hindi films, including those with big heroes like Akshay Kumar, acted in lip-lock scenes and even donned bikins, but she did not get any acknowledgement in Bollywood. Nobody cares for her as she could not deliver even a single hit.

Yet, Shruthi has not learnt a lesson. She is still craving for roles in Bollywood and is making relentless trials.

She did quite a few photoshoots and portfolios to attract Hindi film makers. In the process, she is rejecting even big offers in Telugu film industry. And she has stopped responding to offers from big heroes and directors. God only save Shruthi!



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