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Shriya Saran's 'Happy Days'

Actress Shriya recently reminisced about her school going days with nostalgia. Apparently, she was quite a chubby child back then and the slimmer girls used to make fun of her over this.

She took revenge over them by beating them all in a racing competition. Her teachers used to praise her for her uniform which was spotless and cleanliness was her top priority.

What’s more, she was very good at studies and used to do her homework on time without anyone’s help.

She was also forced to wear glasses as a result of a headache due to studying hard. Her parents were proud of her ‘report card’ and used to send it back without writing any remarks on it. And finally, quite a few boys used to look at her longingly.

At that stage and age, she says that she did not understand why. That’s it folks! Shriya Saran’s ‘Happy Days’.



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