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Shriya: Good Teeth Indicate Good Health

Well, a beautiful smile can make or break a day. It can also make many hearts flutter and most importantly, good teeth indicate good health. Actress Shriya says she got her teeth polished recently.

Apparently, after eating all kinds of food on the sets, her teeth had become discoloured. So, she says she immediately consulted a dentist and made sure that she ended up with a beautiful smile.

Shriya says she always had good and strong teeth and reveals that she would be the one to break big and hard food items into small pieces and share them with friends.

Well, Nagarjuna had once said that Shriya had one of the most beautiful smiles in the industry. But she confesses she has one weakness and that is to keep on munching something. Apparently, the doctor also told her to cut down on chocolates.

On a lighter side, Shriya says she has strong teeth with which she can bite a thief if he ever dares to hold her from the back. Hmmm… a warning that needs to be taken seriously!



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