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Should Megastar Learn Lessons From Them?

Megastar Chiranjeevi might be older than the other three senior actors -- Balakrishna, Nagarjuna and Venkatesh in age.

He might have also have started his career much earlier than these three heroes; and might have got bigger fan following.

But, in a way, Balaiah, Nag and Venky are more experienced than Chiranjeevi now in the Telugu film industry.

Reason is simple: Chiranjeevi has been away from the industry for over nine years by taking a break in acting and testing his luck in politics.

The last nine years have witnessed a lot of changes in the Tollywood. Trends have changes, tastes of audiences have changed and priorities of the industry have also changed.

Especially, with the advent of young heroes and new generation stories, film industry has undergone a rapid change. Several heroes have become big stars overnight and some others faded out.

Nag, Balaiah and Venky have faced these experiences practically. They are now openly disclosing as to what they had to do to remain in the race and how the audiences had rejected some of their films.

Nagajuna admits that he would have gone into oblivion had he continued to do film like Bhai. Venkatesh, too, gave up his stereotype roles of dancing around with girls in colourful dresses, and transformed himself into doing middle-age roles.

Balaiah, too, had to face bitter experiences from audiences who mercilessly rejected his “young hero” roles and now, he also has stopped doing such characters.

While these three heroes are able to sustain their positions in the industry by moulding themselves to the tastes of the audiences, Chiranjeevi seems to have failed to gain from their experiences because of his nine-year sabbatical.

It is evident from the way he has been choosing his roles – first Kaththi, followed by a mass-masala film from Boyapati Srinu and then by another commercial entertainer.

Though he is a star hero, it will be difficult for him to impress the audiences with such hackneyed six-songs-four-fights characters, irrespective of his age. Since his son is also doing similar characters, audiences might not relish Chiranjeevi, too, doing the same type of roles.

While Nag, Venky and Balaiah have realised their mistake and changed their route. It’s time megastar also followed the suit and learn some lessons!



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