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Shocking Secrets Behind Katrina's Fitness

Given that fitness among Bollywood stars is next to Godliness, it's not surprising that gym looks of celebrities have become some of the most coveted paparazzi photographs.

Katrina Kaif, one of the most fitness conscious actresses, has killer washboard abs that can make even the fittest actresses in the industry envious.

We hear that to achieve that result, Kat had to give up salt and water consumption. That's not all, even on a film's set; Katrina indulges in some cricket to mix things up and to do something different from her regular gym drill.

Lately the actress has even opted to indulge in squash. Depending on the day's schedule, Katrina likes sweating it out for close to two hours by playing the sport.

Considering it's a two people sport, who does the actress end up playing against? Sources confirm that either its her trainer who gives company or her friends.



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