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Shocking Revelations Of Kangna's Ex

Shocking Revelations Of Kangna's Ex

Bollywood top heroine Kangna Ranaut has been in news for all wrong reasons lately. Her spat with Superstar Hrithik Roshan is turning uglier by the day.

Hrithik Roshan claims that he had no relation with Kangna Ranaut at any point of time. He has also leaked few emails that are allegedly sent by the actress to him.

Now here comes a new twist in the tale. Kangna’s ex boyfriend Adhyayan Suman came out in public after years of hibernation. He has given an elaborate interview to a Bollywood media house about his love affair and breakup with Kangna Ranaut.

He alleged that Kangna behaved like a split personality and used to mentally torture him. He also added that she used to physically abuse him and disrespected his father in the presence of many people.

Adhyayan Suman claimed that Kangna has performed black magic against him that has ruined his career. He said it took five years for him to recover from the hellish experiences that he has gone through while in a relation with her.

Adhyayan says that Hrithik could be innocent given the behavior of Kangna. He also stated that Kangna’s ex beau Aditya Pancholi warned him a couple of times to be careful with her. Adhyayan’s claims have become a sensation and Kangna is all over news again.

She is yet to respond to Adhyayan’s allegations. Looks like it is a never ending story with unforeseen twists and turns.



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