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Shivam Audio: Catchy Tunes, Routine Beats

Rockstar DSP's latest album Shivam is out for grabs now. There are five songs in this album that is packed in typical Devi style with a mix of melodies and mass beats.

Devi Sri Prasad has composed few catchy tunes for this album but couldn't offer any freshness when it comes to beats and orchestration.  

Despite routine beats and the déjà vu feel, Shivam audio is enjoyable while it lasts.

Gunde Aagipothande is a very good mass number that will surely strike a chord with the target audience. Singers Hemachandra and Manasi have added extra energy to this song.

Prema Ane Pichi is also has Devi's signature all over it. This is yet another fast number that was well sung by Narendra.

Shivam Shivam, the title song has interesting lyrics penned by Bhaskarabhatla. There is lot of scope in this song for Ram to exhibit his dance skills.

I love You too and Andamaina Lokam are melodies composed in usual Devi style. There is nothing much to cherish about this album but it is entertaining. Devi is becoming very much repetitive these days. He should focus on giving albums that have longer shelf life.



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