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Shankar's Journey: 'From Auto To Rolls Royce'

Shankar's Journey: 'From Auto To Rolls Royce'

In a candid chat with the popular women's magazine Vanitha, producer K T Kunjumon talked about director Sankar's journey from a small time assistant director to one of the most popular moviemakers in Tamil cinema industry.

The veteran producer remembered that it was he who gave Sankar his first remuneration.

"Keeping a wad of notes which amounted to Rs 5,000 into his hands I told him, 'this is like 5 crore, you will excel in life'."

"It became a reality. In those days Sankar used to come in an auto or an old scooter to meet me, but today he drives a Rolls Royce and gets paid in crores. I am glad that the first remuneration given by me brought luck and prosperity for him," Kunjumon said.

Sankar began his career as an assistant director of Pavithran in Vasanthakala Parava produced by Kunjumon. Kunjumon didn't think twice before selecting the talented young assistant director to direct the next movie produced by him.

"That day itself I understood that he had a fiery flair within him. When Gentleman became a huge hit, I gifted him two pairs of keys as well. One to a brand new flat and the other to a Maruti 800 which was obviously the most attractive car during those days," said Kunjumon.

The producer said that he had given Sankar absolute freedom to decide anything about the movie though he was a beginner directing only his very first movie.

"In one of the scenes, the hero Arjun has to chase a train on his bike. I suggested that it would look 'huge' if the hero is made to jump his motorbike over the running train.

A humongous set was made to shoot that particular scene. All those facilities that I had provided… and the confidence I gave him also played major role in Sankar's successful career," points out Kunjumon.



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