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Shankarabharam Poses Litmus Test For Kona Venkat

Shankarabharam Poses Litmus Test For Kona Venkat

Nikhil's Shankarabharanam is all set for a grand release on December 4th. As the release date draws closer, its going to be anxious time for popular writer Kona Venkat.

The ace writer do not have proper hit in the recent times with films like Bruce Lee, Akhil failing miserably at the box office. Kona wants to revive his brand with Shankarabharanam success.

Kona started working for small films with Geethanjali but finds himself in a tricky situation. It is an open secret that he handled the story, screenplay and 'every thing' for Geethanjali but director Raja Kiran walked away with major credit.

He even made Tripura using that credit and made good table profit out of it. However Kona made sure that mistake did not happen for his ready for release movie, Shankarabharanam.

The movie has a new comer Uday Nandanavam as the director but the entire film is happening Kona Venkat centric.

Common audience and even the trade looks the film as Kona's work. Even the business of the film is happening on Kona's name. For this film, Kona totally over-masked the director. So Kona needs the movie to be a big hit to revive his brand.

Shankarabharanam is currently a hot cake in trade. The movie has too many positive vibes in trade and as well as the audience.

The makers are currently sitting safe with a table profit of 6 Crore with the entire business already closed. This is quite any achievement for a small film. If everything goes as per plan, Nikhil is in for one more big hit!



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