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Shankar - Rajinikanth's Film Beats Baahubali 2

In terms of budget, Rajamouli's "Baahubali 2" is said to be the costliest Indian movie ever as the film's budget is pegged at Rs 250 Cr.

But now the producers of Superstar Rajinikanth and director Shankar’s ‘2 Point 0’ are giving statements that their movie’s budget has exceeded Rs 300 Cr. They are putting the total budget of the movie to Rs 360 Cr including publicity. 

So, Shankar’s movie beats “Baahubali 2” in budget. Before Rajamouli proved his superiority with the massive success of “Baahubali The Beginning”, Shankar was considered as the numero uno director in South India.

As his position is challenged by Rajamouli, the maverick director is now trying to prove his supremacy again with ‘2 Point 0’. 

Like Rajamouli used Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar to promote “Baahubali” in Hindi market, Shankar is also using now Karan for the teaser launch of his movie. He may further be using Karan for the movie’s promotions.

The other advantage Shankar has for Bollywood market is the presence of Akshay Kumar in the cast. Bollywood’s leading star Akshay Kumar is playing the villain’s role in the film.

All in all, Shankar is throwing challenge to Rajamouli with this film.



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