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Shankar Decides To Spend Bomb On 3D Technology

Well, in Hollywood, 3D is a norm and the recently released Rudramadevi was also made in 3D format. Now it is being said that director Shankar too is planning to make Robo 2 in 3D. He is all set to spend a huge amount to bring home the technology.

The entire film will be made in 3D using latest technology and world-renowned technicians. This way he wants to give his audiences an altogether new experience.

The reason why he is particular about using 3D is that the audiences in South India have already seen Baahubali that used graphics and visual effects extensively. Since the novelty factor has worn out, he is now planning to make Robo 2 in 3D.

Robo 2 will commence its regular shoot from January 2016 and it stars Rajinikanth in and as Robo. Srinivas Mohan who worked for Baahubali will be handling the VFX works for the movie.



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