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Sex Bomb Fails to Explode!

Poonam Pandey needs no introduction to people who are active on social network and those who follow the updates in film websites.

She is known for making sensational statements and doing raunchy photo shoots just for the sake of publicity.

Poonam’s aggressive exposing has given her a chance to explore silver screen. She has done a couple of movies in Bollywood before landing in Telugu Cinema industry with Malini And Co.

This film was released on Friday with little or nil expectations. Poonam’s sexy posters couldn’t attract the ticket paying public resulting in disastrous opening.

Malini & Co is so horrible that people who landed in the theaters had to run for their lives. Despite Poonam Pandey’s explosive exposing this film is receiving pretty bad reviews and trade says that it will be tough for this film to survive from Monday.

Looks like people wants to enjoy Poonam’s show for free on internet but aren’t ready to pay for watching her on big screen.



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