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Sensational Overseas Collections At The Box Office

Except Dictator all the other Sankranthi releases have been doing awesome at the US box office.

Nannaku Prematho is continuing its great run and has been milking dollars here. After a solid Saturday and Sunday, Nannaku Prematho had a sensational Monday collections.

#NannakuPrematho Premieres $355K, Wed $234K, Thur $130K, Fri $265K, Sat $385K Sun $264K Mon $97K Total $1730K

Not just Nannaku Prematho but also Soggade Chinni Nayana and Express Raja had a great Sunday at the US ticket window.

Monday being a partial holiday in US helped the Sankranthi films to increase their collection stack. 

#SoggadeChinniNayana Premieres $51K ,Fri $107K, Sat $197K, Sun $179K Mon $72K Total $606K

Express Raja is scripting a great story at the US box office with a rise in its collection on every day starting from Wednesday premieres to Sunday shows.

#ExpressRaja Premieres $22K, Thur $24K, Fri $44K, Sat $81K  Sun $82K Mon $33K Total $286K

#Dictator Premieres $52K, Thur $10K, Fri $10K, Sat $12K  Sun $9K Mon $4K Total $96K



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