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Screen Talk: Anjali A 'Maha Nati'?

These days, heroines who act opposite Balayya are getting great ratings from him. Nayanthara who acted in ‘Srirama Rajyam’ was praised to the skies for her role of Sita. Then Trisha and Nithya Menon too got accolades from him.

Nithya did not even act opposite him but Balayya said that had she been a bit taller, she would have become as great an actress as Soundarya.

And now it is the turn of ‘Dictator’ heroine Anjali. Balayya was effusive in his praise of her.

When the promotions of ‘Dictator’ were started, he compared her to the legendary actress Savithri and said that Anjali was as talented as her.

Then he said that Anjali was half the name of another talented actress ‘Anjali Devi’ but as equally talented in terms of acting. And finally, he gave her the tag of ‘Maha Nati’. Whew!!!

Which heroine wouldn’t want to be a part of Balayya’s film after listening to all this?



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