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Sarvanand Is Producers' Hero!

Normally, any hero banks on directors and their popularity to build his career. He chooses his films after going through their track record and takes a decision on whether to do films under their direction or not.

But Telugu hero Sarvanand has a different strategy. He is not worried about the track record of the directors, but that of producers.

He has emerged as producers’ hero, as he is signing his films being produced under big banners led by top producers.

He thinks it is easy to work under the banners like UV Creations and that of Dil Raju. Because, they go about with their films with perfect planning right from the scheduling of shootings to choosing the right timings to release their films to marketing the produce in a systematic way. That was how they gave big hits to Sarvanand.

Though there was a huge competition during the Sankranti festival season, two of Sarvanand’s were released and both of them were big hits. This was basically because of the planning of the producers. So, Sarvanand has decided to follow the same principle hereafter.

He is going to do his next film with producers of Baahubali and he is not worried about its director – Prakash Kovelamudi, whose both the earlier films were flops!



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