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Sapthagiri Committing Sunil's Mistake

Sapthagiri Committing Sunil's Mistake

Comedian Sapthagiri is imitating Sunil in playing hero roles. Like Sunil, Sapthagiri is now doing action, dances, heroic scenes, etc.

The teaser of his upcoming release “Sapthagiri LLB” promises less of comedy and more of heroism, fights and dances.

Sunil had graduated to lead hero roles after winning hearts of audiences with his comedy roles. He became successful as hero with his dances and comedy.

Later, he did films in the format of regular hero with dances, big fights, hero-elevating scenes, introduction sequence and romance.

When he switched to regular-hero movies from comedy movies, his career started going down and now he has completely lost the game.

Although Sapthagiri is also good at dances, he is performing fights and giving lectures as a hero which is very odd for a comedian like him. It is better he sticks to comedy movies if he wants to have a good career. 

Right now he is committing the same mistake that Sunil did.



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