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Sam's Sacrifice For Father-in-law

There are many producers in the industry who will jump with joy if they manage to get Samantha's dates. There are producers who want her in their film no matter what her remuneration is.

Samantha charges around Rs 1.15 crore per film. But for the recent hit Rajugari Gadhi 2, it was a case of 'conditions apply'.

Talk is that Samantha cut down her price by half for the film. But that is not because she loved her role in the film. In fact, it was for her father-in-law Nagarjuna. Apparently, Samantha took home a cheque for Rs 50 lakhs.

It is known that director Ohmkar and hero Nagarjuna haven't taken remuneration for Rajugari Gadhi 2. Samantha was also not given any money till recently. Only after the film was declared a hit, did the producers give her the cheque.

Well, Samantha was surely confident of her father-in-law taking care of her interests.



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