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Sampoo Gets Out of Bigg Boss: Real or Staged?

Sampoornesh Babu aka Sampoo is now out of 'Bigg Boss' Telugu reality TV show as he behaved in mad manner in the house on Tuesday.

It turns out that he has suffered from claustrophobia. This is second elimination from the reality show after actress Jyothi.

Jyothi was eliminated last weekend when the host NTR Jr was in the house. But Sampoo is out of the show due to his own hysterical behavior.

Sampoo has his equal share of admirers and haters for his weird expressions and crybaby act. But on Tuesday, he showed signs of claustrophobia.

As per the program’s concept, the contestants are locked up at one place for days and he seemed to have developed claustrophobia after being in the house for nearly 10 days.

He is now out of the show. But is it real or staged act? Although it is reality show, all shows on TV run as per the pre-scripted flowchart.

It seems that his claustrophobic act is all to create some drama in the show to gain TRP’s.



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